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Banksy Girl with Balloon What is the Meaning? Feb 4, 2020 You can try to find meaning for Girl with Balloon on several levels, depending on how deep you want to analyse it. On the surface it’s still a stunning, whimsical piece of stencil art.

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You’re here because you like Banksy’s street art. Well so do we!

Original Banksy art which goes on sale in Christies and other auction houses is financially beyond the reach of most of us so this is why we created Here you can shop and pick up Banksy Canvas art or posters and some cool Girl with Balloon hoodies and tshirts for men and women.

So Who is Banksy? Artist? Hero or just a Vandal?

Who is really behind these street art installations remains a constant source of mystery and guessing. Radio stations and newspapers in the UK reported in 2016 that the secretive Banksy may well be Robert del Naja of Massive Attack fame. It’s never been confirmed and we believe it should remain so.

A recent book, Banksy Captured, by his former agent and photographer, Steve Lazarides, “charts the birth of our modern day Robin Hood. A true art legend, a man able to articulate the voice of subculture that made its way to the mainstream.” It’s funny to think of the night time escapades and close calls which must surround the making of our beloved Banksy art pieces. Robin Hood with on-point social commentary for certain.

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From click to delivery it is now so easy to have a Banksy print on canvas, poster or vinyl sticker for either your bedroom wall or living space. In fact you can also get Banksy to protect your smart phone in the form of a cover.

Buy from us today and bring a piece of Robin Hood home.

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