Banksy Artworks 2021 | Best Banksy Art

Outlined below is our Top 6 Banksy Artworks as we currently see it.

Banksy is one of those artists that quickly became a global phenomenon. Yet despite all the fame, we don’t really know who he is. This anonymous graffiti artist took the world by storm with his talent and incredible pieces. In fact, he got to develop his own style and a lot of people recognize his work based on that alone. However, he made thousands of pieces, so creating your own Banksy Top 5 can be very difficult. That brings the question however, which ones are the most interesting and popular pieces created by the vetted artist?

No. 6 Barbican Artworks For Jean-Michel Basquiat Exhibition

Normally the Barbican is keen to clean graffiti from its walls, but the Banksy artworks are very different. You have a piece which has a figure that’s frisked by two police officers. You also have a group of people in queue for a Ferris Wheel with Crown, a very common theme in the world of Banksy artworks to begin with.

These pieces are in line with his themes, but at the same time they are very creative and push the boundaries by depicting situations and challenges people are currently facing in their day to day lives. These artworks are a clear homage to Jean Michel Basquiat, one of the most popular artists of the 20th century! It’s amazing to see Banksy’s work bring in some of Basquiat’s core ideas, and that’s why this is a well-deserved entry in our top 5 list.

No. 5 Sweeping It Under The Carpet

Sweeping It Under The Carpet is one of the prized Banksy artworks and a lot of people like it thanks to its detail and quality. The artwork represents a maid sweeping dirt out of sight. It can be seen as social commentary and how aristocrats chose to have others do their dirty work and how many secrets they had. It’s a visually stunning piece, with lots of detail and plenty of nuances. That definitely makes it one of the top 5 Banksy artworks.

No. 4 Stab Proof Vest Worn by Stormzy At Glastonbury 2019

Banksy Stab proof vest as worn by Stormzy at Glastonbury 2019

Normally when you see a Banksy top 5, you expect to see artwork. But Banksy also created a stab proof vest worn by Stormzy at the Glastonbury 2019 event. The reason why he chose to design and create this vest is because he was touched by Stormzy’s actions and ideas. He believes in topics like social injustice in the UK, so he was more than happy to create something new and different.

No. 3 Rage, Flower Thrower

You can’t have a Banksy top 5 list without this amazing piece. This is maybe one of the most popular Banksy pieces in the entire world. You can see the original image in Jerusalem. Rage, is a picture that strives to represent peace and show that people can get together and do amazing things, as long they eliminate rage and resentment, then replace it with peace.

No. 2 Girl with Balloon – There is Always Hope

The Girl with Balloon – There is Always Hope art piece is one of the most notable works and well worth the top 1 spot in our Banksy top 5. The piece is stunning, and it offers a sense of happiness and hope that things can be a lot better. Some can also see it as a representation that hope goes away, and something needs to be done. As you can see, it’s a very interesting peace with lots of ideas going on and that alone makes it an incredible artwork.

No. 1 Tribute to NHS Heathcare Workers

Banksy Tribute to Healthcare workers
Banksy Tribute to Healthcare Workers

2020 and the year that COVID-19 dominated all our lives, there was no more fitting tribute to healthcare workers around the world than Banksy’s superhero tribute to the wonderful NHS workers. It’s such a clever yet symbolic image. Batman and Spiderman dolls lie discarded in the bin while the young boy now has replaced them with a nurse wearing a cape. It reminds me of a Florence Nightingale type character. If you wish to purchase a Banksy inspired mask with this image, you can do so here.


This Banksy Top 6 includes some of the most impressive, different pieces that the artist ever did. He has been around for a very long time and he’s known for always pushing the boundaries with new pieces and ideas. However, we believe that these pieces really make a statement and everyone should get a reproduction to hang it on their walls!

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